Butch Jamie

Out of work and unlucky in love, nothing seems to be going right in butch lesbian Jamie Klein's so-called life. A struggling actress, the daily grind of fruitless auditions is made more unbearable by her roommate's pet cat, Howard. To Jamie's annoyance, Howard is a famous feline that gets cast in big movie roles and money-spinning TV commercials, and is praised by everyone as having a talent for acting! An envious Jamie decides to take action and give herself a make-over, to prove to everyone that she can be more successful than a stupid cat. At long last, Jamie is finally cast in a lead role - as a man! Keeping schtum, she reluctantly accepts the role, only to fall head over heels for her on-screen love interest, Jill. What ensues is a hilariously complicated and sexy affair where Jamie must do whatever it takes to get the girl - and out-act the cat!

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