We Are Boys

We Are Boys is an idyllic ode to boyhood. Two young friends reflect on friendship and what it means to grow up. They show us how they spend their days in and around the house over the course of a beautiful summer in their charmingly situated village. "Real boys like boating and fooling around," says one. The camera is at their heels as they dart through undergrowth and hedges with a box of marshmallows, which they smear over a neighbor's gleaming windows and then run away laughing. They navigate streams, swim with their friends in a lake, discuss the downsides of shaving and underarm hair, light their farts on fire, and peruse their favorite soft-porn magazine. Jim and Sam have been friends since a very young age and are now inseparable: "Life without a friend is just boring." But after the summer vacation, Jim will be going to high school. Sam thinks that they will stay friends forever, but Jim is not entirely convinced. "I'm going to high school, right? I think I'll feel more like a young man." They roast marshmallows on a small fire they built and say farewell to summer and boyhood.

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