If you didn't think Israeli cinema could get any more controversial than box-office hit The Bubble, then think again. Yair Hochner's Antarctica leaves no taboo unturned in this latest tale of twilight bed-hopping from Tel Aviv.Good-looking librarian Omer is eternally searching for the perfect match, but keeps getting tangled up in a series of meaningless one-night stands. When fetching journalist Ronen enters the scene, matters are complicated further as the men become embroiled in innumerable bouts of passionate encounters behind each other's backs. Soon enough, they must face one another and make a decision: is true love worth looking for, or can you really live happily ever after?“This new Israeli sex romp is a better advertisement for the country than a tourist bureau could provide”The Hollywood Reporter“Both invites and challenges the mainstream audience... takes Israeli gay film to a daring new level”The Village Voice“One of the steamiest movies of the year”New York Press

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