Punish Me (aka Hounded), Verfolgt

In an obsessive sexual encounter with a teenager fifty-years-old Elsa is facing the exposure of her own desires.

"Verfolgt" received the "Golden Leopard" in Locarno 2006.
As successfully working probation officer Elsa Seifert (MAREN KROYMANN) is totally absorbed by her duties. She is living with Raimar (MARKUS VÖLLENKLEE), father of her daughter Daniela. Triggered off by her daughter’s moving away Elsa’s daily routine is cracked. She no longer believes in procedures which have been proving good for decades. Instead she is getting open toward everything which is promising a new intensity of life.

When young criminal Jan (KOSTJA ULLMANN) turns up as new probationer Elsa is confronted by his evident offers to sexually subjugate himself to her. Overwhelmed by the appeals she cannot resist to enter the risky relationship with Jan. Celebrating and even staging their desires Jan and Elsa create their own sexual cosmos. Step by step her life is slipping out of joint… .

In PUNISH ME (aka HOUNDED) director Angelina Maccarone is drawing the intense picture of two individuals taking on their deep longing, their fear and their lust. Social conventions no longer matter to them while lines between love and pain, between devotion and dependence are blurring.

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