Bumblef**k, USA

The mysterious Alexa has arrived from Amsterdam with a backpack, her video camera and intentions to make a film about what it must be like to be gay in Small Town USA. On her first night in town, Alexa visits a gay club, and after partying all night wakes up the next morning at Jennifer's place. A self-confident lesbian and artist, Jennifer and Alexa hit it off immediately, but while filming her documentary about homosexuality, Alexa experiences her own drama when she falls in love with Jennifer. Alexa has never felt this way about anyone, let alone another woman. Ultimately, Alexa discovers more about herself than she could ever have imagined."A landmark lesbian romance. The most sexually charged on screen/fem coupling since Lisa Cholodenko's High Art" - Cine Outsider"At once straightforward and ambiguous... stealthily compelling" - Variety

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