Landmine Goes Click

Trapped standing on an armed landmine, an American tourist is forced to watch helplessly while his girlfriend is terrorized and brutally assaulted.

Three American tourists are crossing a desolated landscape of European Georgia. One of them steps on an armed landmine. But that seems to be a minor threat compared to the nightmarish happenings that the afternoon will bring on. A psychopath takes advantage of tourist’s immobility and brutally abuses and assaults the woman he loves. Story of the this psychological thriller takes place in Eastern Europe. It stars 'Resident Evil' co-lead SPENCER LOCKE as well as STERLING KNIGHT of Disney's 'Starstruck' with 1.7 million Twitter fans around the globe and DEAN GAYER, laureate of "Australian Idol" and co-lead of US TV Show 'Glee'.  Other than being a single location survival story similar to “127 hours” or “Phone Booth”, “Landmine Goes Click” has a revenge theme similar to 'I spit on your Grave' or 'Deliverance'.

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