Holding Trevor

A touching drama, comedy and quirky take on that very first of mid-life crises: the mid-twenties! Trevor is in a predicament with his boyfriend Darrell, who just won't kick his drug habit.
Handsome doctor Ephram is just his type, yet he cannot bring himself to leave Darrell behind. Meanwhile catty friends Andie and Jake offer their opinions on the situation, yet they too are at a crossroads in their lives.

Relationships are broken, rekindled, and recreated whilst Trevor and those around him come to terms with drastic changes in their lives. Featuring a hilarious turn from actor and musician Jay Brannan ('Shortbus') as Trevor's acid-tongued best friend, 'Holding Trevor' is an uplifting yet at times sobering morality tale.

Extraordinary performances, especially that of Brent Gorski in the title role. Jay Brannan is terrific as his bed-hopping best friend... Don't miss this one: It's worth finding out." - San Francisco Chronicle

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